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मोहब्बत निगाहेँ करती हैँ तडपना दिल को पडता हैँ.

Primarily you might listen to the term "Vashikaran". But you understand what That is? Why persons use This system? How they will use these methods? Here we will tell you about the Benefits. It really is specially used by just the astrologers. They may have well skilled On this. It is rather strong, supernatural and Hypnotism procedure. All individuals have many hurdles in human life like love issue, dollars difficulty, partner/ wife issues etc.

और तू है की खामख्वा किसी का बनने पे तुला है…..

The Saints and sages were changing these languages in sanskrit. At that time we say this as attraction mantra in Sanskrit. Then the decades ended up expended and languages designed on this earth. With the vedic time, the Sanskrit convert in Hindi. People translate this of their languages at that time this is called the chants in hindi. Now Enable’s describe 1 or 2 helpful mantra and demonstrate the technique also. If possible read more then I will share the this means. Firstly I describe the pyshap chants in hindi:

लाखों दर्द छुपे होते हैं एक छोटे से इंकार में,

रोग मेरा उसने… दोस्तों का प्यार लिख दिया,

तुम ही रहते हो इसमें अपना ही घर उजाड़ोगे….!

क्यों पहनती हो चूड़ी, क्यों पहनती हो कंगना,

Today our professional Shyam das ji examine this matter to many of the audience that tips on how to conveniently fixed your queries by us. You merely need to follow the way that I explore down below:

वो इस तरह मुस्कुरा रहे थे , जैसे कोई गम छुपा रहे थे !!

अंधेरे मे रास्ता बनाना मुश्किल होता है,

मेरे दोस्त की मुस्कुराहट ही तो मेरी जिंदगी है

हर खेल मैं लिखा होता है ,रूल तोडना मना है ..!!

किसी ने आँख भी खोली तो सोने की नगरी में,

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